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B1p Bass Preamp "Black Face" Reissue

B1p Bass Preamp - MAP: $399


Chrisfield - B1p Demo Video

The Ultimate Solid-State Bass Preamp in a pedal. New Black Face Reissue of the Original Gold Top B1p.

The Boost Preamp features "Super Boost Triple Overdrive" and independant EQ for Monstrous, Harmonic Heavy, Bass solo's.

Boost Mode - Drive, Treble, Middle and Bass EQ adjustable trimpots. Dip switches for selecting OD1 (Normal) or OD2 (Super Boost) 

Effects Loop - Send and Return jacks for patching effects between the Preamp out and Limiter in. True Bypass footswitch.

Active +/-20dB Bass, Midrange and Treble EQ with sweepable Midrange Frequency control.

Dynamic Limiter with variable Threshold control and footswitch.

100% discreet analog circuit design with ultra quiet internal 280KHz switching DC power supply.

Solid, Diecast Aluminum Enclosure, Durable Black Satin Powder Coating - Dimensions 4.7 x 7.4 x 1.3"


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