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HD2 Guitar Preamp - MSRP: $899

   "If you are looking for a tube preamp pedal that can deliver a faithful British meets Dumble tone, this is it! And I should know. It's based on the same circuitry that's in my Suncoast Custom 50 amp. BIG Sound, lightweight package, problem solved. Could this be the ultimate pedal for both Clean and OD tones - I think so! And it's loaded with the original "Skyliner Mod" tone shaping features like Jazz/Rock EQ, Mid Boost and Deep Cut. Sound too good to be true? Maybe. Until you hear it......."   Dick Bauerle, Buffalo NY

HD2 Features:

The "Ultimate" Tube Preamp for Guitar in a pedal.  Also works great with Pedal Steel. 

Classic Tube Preamp Design utilizing "Hybrid Analog Design 2.0 Technology™".

Clean Preamp: Volume, Treble, Middle and Bass EQ.  Bright switch for added Shine.

Master Volume, EQ select, Mid Boost and Deep switches.  Overdrive Level and Ratio Controls.

Accutronics® Digi-log™ Digital Long Spring Reverb.

Buffered Effects Loop - Send and Return jacks for patching effects. True Bypass footswitch.

100% Tube preamp path utilizing two hand selected - JJ 12AX7's.

Custom High Voltage 560KHz switching DC power supply for real tube plate voltage.

9VDC,1300ma adapter included. (Universal worldwide voltage compatible - 100-240V 50/60Hz)

Solid, Diecast Aluminum Enclosure, Durable Black Satin Powder Coating - Dimensions 4.7 x 7.4 x 1.3"

HD2 Owners Manual PDF

HD2 YouTube Video


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