L5 Multi Filter - MAP: $199

L5 Multi Filter Features:

Designed for Jazz, Rock and Blues Guitar. Also works with Acoustic Instruments and Bass.

  This classic clean preamp design is based on the Lab Series L5 guitar amp.

The Multi Filter control features a 6 Band Treble Peaking Filter. 

Multi Filter peaking frequencies (Hz) are 1000, 1370, 1900, 2630, 3630 and 5000Hz.

Even Harmonic generator adds warmth and 3D dimensional soundstage and presence.

Input Drive control and Output Level control with over +20dB of clean boost.

Instrument level input with 1 Meg ohm Input Impedance, 1K ohm Output Impedance. 

Solid, Diecast Aluminum Enclosure with durable Black Satin Powder Coating. 

Dimensions 4.4"L x 2.4"W x 1.2"H

Power Supply - 9VDC (Center Negative) (115mA Idle).

Mike Amico - L5 Multi Filter Video

On Sale Now at: www.reverb.com/shop/suncoast


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