NanoLab BC1s Preamp - MAP: $599

NanoLab BC1s Preamp Features:

The Ultimate Limited Edition "Small Format" Stereo Bass Preamp

This design is based on the original Pearce BC1 preamp with the "BS" Mod

Premium modern version of the original overdrive IC's from ALFA semiconductor

CH1 features the original BC1 preamp Red Channel modded with "Super Boost" Triple Overdrive

CH2 features the original BC1 preamp Green Channel with +20dB output gain mod

Dual inputs for Stereo bass or Mono bass using Input 1

Internal dip switches for 0dB/+10dB Input Gain for CH1 and CH2

3 Band Active EQ with +/-20dB of Boost/Cut for Bass, Midrange and Treble

Midrange Frequency variable from 70Hz to 2kHz

Bass Frequency - 30Hz (peaking)

Treble Frequency - CH1 (3kHz), CH2 (5kHz) (Both shelving)

CH1 & CH2 FX Loops featuring standard TRS inserts (Tip-Send, Ring-Return)

FX Loop Jacks can be used as stereo outputs

FX Loop Returns summed before the Preamp Out

Footswitch input for channel switching and combine mode

Machined Aluminum Black Anodized Knobs

Chassis Dimensions: 4.7"W x 3.7"L x 1.3"H

Power Requirement: 9VDC @ 250mA (Center Negative)

Universal 9VDC 800mA Power Adapter (100-240VAC, 50/60Hz) included

NanoLab Footswitch with 3' stereo cabled included


Original Pearce BC1 Mod Description - BC1 BS Mod pdf

Erik Arko - BC1s YouTube Video

Available now at the: Suncoast Reverb Shop


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