NanoLab Guitar Preamp - MAP: $399

NanoLab Guitar Preamp Features:

The Ultimate "Small Format" Stereo Guitar Preamp in a pedal

This design is based on the original Pearce G2x and G1c preamps

G2 front end (CH1 Overdrive/Distortion, CH2 Clean/Crunch) driving G1 Tone Stacks

Dual inputs for stereo guitar or mono operation using Input 1

3 Band Active EQ +/-15dB of Boost/Cut for Bass, Midrange and Treble

Midrange frequency variable from 100Hz to 3kHz

Bass peaking at 50Hz, Treble shelving at 5kHz

Dual Effects Loops - CH1 & CH2 inserts summed before the Preamp out

CH1 & CH2 Loop jacks can be used as Stereo outputs

Footswitch input for channel switching and combine modes

Solid, Diecast Aluminum Enclosure - Dimensions 4.7"W x 3.7"L x 1.3"H

Power Requirement - 9VDC @ 210mA (Center Negative)

9VDC Power Adapter (120VAC 60Hz) is included


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