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You can text us at 727-247-2520 for a Return Authorization No. # and shipping address for repair.

Packing Suggestions:


Use original packing if possible, otherwise pack your Suncoast product in bubble wrap. If you do not need the cabinet or speaker repaired, just send the rack mount amp to us, this will save you $ in shipping charges.


Use a sturdy, double corrugated boxes for heavy items.


Make sure there is at least 2-4 inches of packing on all sides.


Write your return authorization number on the outside of the carton. Keep a copy of this number for your records. This is how your amp is tracked when we receive it.


Do not send any extra items such as adapters, power cables or footswitch unless there is a problem specifically with the footswitch or amplifier channel switching, etc.


Insure your product for its current full replacement value, signature required.

Turn-around Time

On average, our turn-around time is approximately 7-14 business days upon receipt of your product. However, depending on our work load, these times can change upon demand.  Once we have inspected your amp and given you an estimate that's approved by you, your amp will be put in the queue for repair on a first come, first serve basis.  If there is any change in status, you will be notified immediately.

Repair Rates

If the amp is not under warranty, how much will the repair cost?  Sometimes we can estimate over the phone, but it's impossible to be 100% accurate without actually seeing the amp. Typical repairs are completed within 1 - 2 hours and most parts costs are less than 25% of the total repair bill. Here is a list of our shop rates:

Standard Service Rate - $85.00 /Hr
Estimate fee only - $40.00 (Estimate fee is applied to the cost of the repair)

Rush Fee $50.00
Guaranteed estimate and/or service repair with 48 hours of receipt and parts availability.  Rush Service Fee is in addition to the Standard Service Rate and Estimate Fee.

Please note: Estimates are given as accurately as possible. However, the final repair bill may be slightly different than the estimated cost due to additional parts and labor that may be required to complete the repair. The quote is guaranteed to be within 10% of the estimated cost, otherwise you will be notified for further approval.



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